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The Top Elements Of A Dynamic Website

In Web Development by Lachlan

Designing the right websites is no easy feat. There are many elements to consider when planning your site, and each one of these has an impact on the success of your business. By creating a roadmap for your website, you will be able to design one that brings in more business and reflects your company’s mission.

Domain Name

Your site’s domain name is the first impression that potential customers have about your business. Make sure that your domain name reflects your business offerings, products or services. Your domain name should be as short as possible and easy to spell. Many of the shortest domains have been claimed, but you can still snag a great name if you are creative. Try using a phrase or combination of words for your domain.


The site that hosts your site will also make a difference in how your customers view your business. Think of your hosting site as a parking lot with a valet. You “park” your site with the hosting company, and when someone types in your domain name or lands on your page, your host’s “valet” delivers the site. If your hosting company suffers from periods of downtime, your customers may visit your site and get an error message. This will hurt both your customer’s perception of your business and your search engine rankings. Be sure to use a reputable company to host your site.

Layout and Colour Scheme

Your site’s layout should be clean with clear navigational bars and a focal point. Don’t try to jam everything in on your first page. Pick one large element and place it front and center. Make it easy for your visitors to navigate through your site by simply clicking a few buttons. Huge blocks of text, distracting graphics and different color fonts will overwhelm your readers and send them running to another site.

Your color scheme will also make a difference in how your website is perceived. Certain colors convey specific feelings like stability, fun, warmth or intensity. Make sure your color scheme fits with your brand and your message. If you are selling high-end luxury products, black, white and soft pastels make the grade. If you are selling children’s clothing, primary colors are a fun choice. If in doubt, ask for an outside opinion when planning your website’s color scheme.


On the Web, content is king. Your site’s content must give the readers what they want and need from your business. Informative articles, videos, comment sections and interactive calculators are all helpful additions that will drive more visitors to your site.

The more time people spend using your site, the higher your search engine ranking will be. Your website design firm can help you to select the right tools and content to make your site the go-to for information.

Creating a dynamic website that will get attention is vital to the success of your business online. Hire the right website design firm to help you make your website dreams a reality.