Poorly Designed Website

How To Identify And Avoid A Poorly Designed Website

In Web Design by Lachlan

These guidelines are for business owners who want to promote their services/ products online but do not know how to distinguish a poorly designed website from an outstanding one. The cheap prices offered by fly by night operators fools most persons, who then hand over the task of designing their website to those cheats. These frauds, in an attempt to impress their clients, offer to undertake additional services like purchasing domain names and web hosts for them. In fact, apart from dabbling in web designing, they are resellers of domain names and web hosting too. Most likely, he will keep access to the cPanel with himself. Had you approached the domain name registrars and web hosts directly, you could have got a cheaper price as well as control of your website.

Avoid a one man show

It is not feasible for a single person to attend to all tasks related to creating a website. No software can make a person an artist overnight. In the same way, one cannot learn the fine nuances of HTML, CSS and other languages by simply studying a few books and viewing a couple of tutorial videos about them. Had it been so, there would have not been any dearth of skilled web designers. Most professional companies that specialise in website designing have several teams, each of them under charge of a leader. It is the job of the leader to coordinate between the client and the team. Most website designing teams have coding professionals, a visualizer, and an artist. Professional designing companies also retain full time videographers, script writers, content writers, and search engine optimisation experts. The entire team works in tandem to design the website.

Honesty is the best policy

A good company will never guarantee success of your newly launched website within a few weeks. Numerous factors determine the gestation period from the launch of a site to its reaching the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Some of these factors include:

  • The number of competitors promoting similar products and services
  • The frequency at which rich and useful content is uploaded on the site
  • The ease of navigation available for browsing through the different sections of the site
  • The presence of a link, leading to the index page, on a specific position on all pages
  • The usage of well researched keywords, (including long tail ones) and key phrases
  • Proper usage of latent semantic indexing (LSI)
  • Number of back links from similar sites that have a high page rank


If you reside in Perth and plan to launch a website, you should initially target local clients, preferably those with whom you have done business before through your physical shop. Select a local and reputable web design company, which has provided yeoman’s service to numerous clients over the years, and whose help department is available 24×7. The biggest advantage of hiring a local studio is that you can get in touch with their help desk whenever you face a problem with your site. You can also entrust the task of creating engaging text for your site and upload them on a regular basis. Use the help of a well designed website to increase your business.