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What makes Magento great for an E-Commerce website?

In E-Commerce by Lachlan


Undoubtedly, Magento has become the most powerful and widely-used platform for the launch an ecommerce website site.

Scalability is a big deal for your website; you want your shop to accommodate updated merchandise without requiring a substantial redesign or struggling with essential layers. By using a Magento e-commerce platform, you can customise the aesthetics and ergonomics of your e-commerce shop in each category, for every product, giving you amazing flexible marketing power.

Today’s e-commerce shops have specific requirements compared to other sites. Merchants looking to build an online store need a customised website that reflects their image, but they also require the most up to date shopping cart solutions that will make purchases easy to follow, and convenient for the customer.

Magneto’s packs a nice assembly of new features like a backup and rollback functionality, enhanced navigation, and an upgraded modernised mobile theme. 

Top 6 reasons why you should consider a Magneto e-commerce website;

1. Magento is an open source solution, with a solid editing feature

Written in PHP, Magento is a free software solution. This means that the source code is public: everyone has access, free of charge. Contributions from all sides are welcome and speed of integration specificities has increased.

2. A turnkey solution

You can download your version of Magento, and then unzip the folder and run the automatic installation process. The interface to configure the website is straightforward and easy to administer once its set up. After setup, thereafter, you can easily perform any updates to your version via the administration panel.

Magento is also customisable easily integrates your catalog. Of course, for those wanting an out-the-box e-commerce software, this can be the only disadvantage; however, customisation is a simple function.

The genre or products you sell really don’t matter because Magento’s data model is specifically designed to fit all needs.

3. Ability to set-up an international store

Your Magento store is ready for international clients, with the possibility to set up each area or country for sales in its own currency, their own language, it’s own graphics, and it’s own sub-catalog,
Advantages of a Magento E-commerce website

Magento is customer-driven with simple search and navigation, gift cards, promotions and customer wish list features.

  • Multi-site and multi-store manageable by a single administration interface
  • Marketing opportunities and significant 2.0 cross-selling, landing pages, product comparison, reviews, and ratings
  • Advanced catalog management
  • Content management system for publishing information pages
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies.
  • Extensions: available on the market place Magento Connect

4. Catalog management

Management of product sheets and catalogs, and management of configurable products (size, colour)
Integration of filters on the products
Tax Rates per location, customer group and product type
Rules for price support and advanced promotions

5. Order Management

  • You can have one or multiple invoices, or shipments all in the order
  • Create re-orders for customers from the administration panel
  • Notification of orders by e-mail
  • Control for shipping to multiple addresses

6. Optimisation for search engines

  • Management of meta-data for products and categories
  • Sitemap is auto-generated for the site

Ask most Perth web developers and they agree hands-down, Magento has proven to be one of the best web platforms, preferred by large and small businesses.