Black Hat SEO

Dangers of using a Black Hat SEO Company.

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Black Hat SEO

It is no use banging your head against the wall in frustration. The alleged specialist you hired for designing your website turned out to be a fraud. He used black hat tactics to push up the search engine page ranking (SERP) of your new online store in just a few days. You, as well as your colleagues, were surprised to see your online shop in the first page of search engine results, for specific keywords and key phrases. However, after a couple of days, you were dismayed to find that your online store had literally vanished. It was nowhere in sight even after you browsed the first 10 page of search results. You are not the sole person who got such a shock. Many others suffered the same fate.

Who, how, and why

During the same period, webmasters of thousands of leading multinational companies, whose websites always occupied a place of pride in SERPs for particular keywords and phrases, found that their sites had dropped to the second or third pages of search results. Bogus websites, including some that had no content in them, managed to forge ahead of Wikipedia as well. No doubt, something fishy was going on. A flood of complaint emails, sent by the multinationals, swamped the support team of Google, requesting them to explain the cause of the debacle. It did not take long for the spam experts at Google to find out the cause of this catastrophe. Numerous so called SEO experts, armed with black hat software, generated thousands of backlinks from bogus blog posts pointing to their client’s poorly designed website, increasing its page rankings in a couple of days.

Google’s retaliation

Acting quickly, the spam experts of Google removed those fishy sites from its index, and implemented algorithms that would never allow websites to enhance their page rankings by using fraudulent methods. Tens of thousands of websites went down the drain due to this action. Google indexed a small percentage of those sites, which had not abused its guidelines extensively, and whose owners agreed to weed out the bad links. Can you imagine the situation of those who had invested their savings in getting their websites designed, only to find it floating invisibly in cyberspace? They could have avoided this situation had they invested a bit more and entrusted their website’s designing task to a reputable agency.

Points to ponder

The internet provides you with facilities to earn money beyond your wildest dreams as long as you follow a set pattern of rules. It takes time to master them. That is why you should engage a professional company to design your website. Their personnel have knowledge, skills, and years of experience in designing and promoting websites. It is preferable to choose a local company since you can get in touch with their staff whenever required. If necessary, you can also visit their office for a face to face meeting with their experts. If you do business in Perth, contact a Perth web design company, preferably one whose office is located close to your office, and get your website designed by them and know that they will only use SEO tactics that are approved by the Google webmaster guidelines.