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Online Marketing Services through the Google Display Network

With display advertising on the Google Display Network, you can reach your target customers whilst they are going about their daily business online. This is a highly effective way to put your online marketing budget to work, as your ads only appear in front of a select group of Internet users who are likely to be interested in your company’s services to begin with.

Our display advertising services are particularly well-suited to companies looking to increase traffic to one of their websites. Web Design Perth will work with your team to determine how to best make use of this advertising tactic according to your specific goals and requirements.

What Is the Google Display Network?

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The Google Display network makes it possible for you to reach to and connect with potential customers through a variety of digital ad formats. The network spans more than 2 million websites and is able to reach upwards of nine out of ten Internet users. It’s easily one of the most comprehensive advertising networks on the planet.

When you advertise through the Google Display Network, your ads are served in places where Google operates. It works by reaching people when they are already searching for specific products and services.

Depending on how the account is configured, Internet users will see your ads under the following circumstances:

  • When browsing their favourite website
  • When sharing a YouTube video
  • When checking their Gmail account
  • When accessing a mobile app

Those are amongst the likeliest scenarios that the Google Display Network will serve an ad, but there are others as well. Within the display network, we’ll help you select the types of pages or specific websites on which you would like your ad to appear.

Benefits of the Google Display Network

There are several reasons to consider incorporating the Google Display Network into your online marketing campaign. Here are three of the most compelling:

Connect with your target audience.
The Display Network helps you find the right audience across millions of websites. It gives you strategic control over who sees your marketing messages, as well as when and where they encounter them.

Diversify your ad formats.
With the Google Display Network, you enjoy a great deal of flexibility in how you can reach out to and connect with your audience. Diverse ad formats are accepted, including text, video, images and rich-media.

Be confident in your ads’ performance.

Display ads are highly effective to begin with, and they can have a significant impact on users. But you don’t have to take our word for it. With the Google Display Network, you can measure the results of your campaign to ensure that it’s meeting your goals.

Google Display Network Benefits

When used as a strategic arm of a broader digital marketing campaign, the Google Display Network is a powerful tool. Contact Web Design Perth today for more information or to request a free, no-obligation quote.